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YINGER PRIZE全球新锐设计师邀请赛 2022


YINGER PRIZE全球新锐设计师邀请赛是由影儿时尚集团主办的一年一度的国际化、专业化服装设计赛事,分为时装设计院校毕业生单元和独立设计师单元(拥有个人品牌),通过征稿及邀请的方式,汇集全球不同国家的设计师,在YINGER PRIZE舞台上展示风格多元、各具特色的设计作品。从线上初选到线下决赛评选,YINGER PRIZE邀请来自国际国内的知名设计师、重点服装院校专家学者、主流时尚媒体、行业零售专家以及时尚KOL组成专业评委团评选出各个奖项,奖金最高达20万元,获奖独立设计师还将有机会与影儿时尚集团展开商业合作。

影儿集团通过举办YINGER PRIZE 全球新锐设计师邀请赛,分享在服装行业二十多年的积累,开放商业平台给有设计理想的人才,鼓励新锐设计力量推出更多创意作品,希望借此打通海内外创新资源集聚通道,从设计、创意、商业、市场全角度切入,将优秀设计师的创意力量落到市场的实处,充分发挥出深圳在国际时尚行业中的制造和市场优势,为复合型人才的诞生提供机会,助力深圳时尚行业实现由产业链向价值链升级的跨越。

YINGER PRIZE Global Emerging Talent Contest is an annual international and professional fashion design competition sponsored by Yinger Fashion Group. The competition is divided into fashion design college graduates and independent designers (with personal brands),Designers from different countries are brought together to display diverse and distinctive design works on YINGER PRIZE stage through selection and invitation. YINGER PRIZE invited well-known designers from international and domestic, experts and scholars from key clothing colleges and universities, mainstream fashion media, industry retail experts and fashion KOL to form a professional panel of judges to select various awards from online primary selection to offline final selection, with a maximum bonus of 200,000 yuan. The winning independent designers will also have the opportunity to start commercial cooperation with Yinger Fashion Group.

Yinger Fahion Group intends to share the accumulative experience of more than 20 years in the clothing industry, open the business platform to people with design dream, and encourage new design ideas to launch more creative works through holding the YINGER PRIZE. It is hoped that this will open up channels for gathering innovative resources at home and abroad, and the creative power of excellent designers will be put into practice from the perspective of design, creativity, business and market. It will merge the creative power into the market, make good advantage of Shenzhen’s manufacturing and market among international fashion industry, provide opportunities for the birth of composite talents, and help Shenzhen fashion industry to achieve the leap from industrial chain to value chain.

YINGER PRIZE主形象的设计元素都围绕着logo图形为核心。飘动的丝带融入并涌出YINGER PIRZE的造型,使其更有光泽。


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